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The Art of Craftsmanship

Savoir Faire

The design of each shoe starts on the drawing board at Fabrizio Viti’s desk in Paris. Each uniquely hand drawn design is then taken to the heart of artisanal shoe-making in Italy, Veneto, where it awaits a long process of time-honoured techniques that are applied to bring the design to life.

The dreamed up sketch design is first presented to a formista who creates the shape of the shoe in wooden form, la forma. Once the wooden mould is created, it is then trimmed down to the millimeter under the direction of Fabrizio.

Then, Fabrizio meets with the tacchificio for the heel and the suolificio for the sole before all elements are brought together with the patternmaker, our modellista. The patternmaker brings Fabrizio’s sketch to life as he draws on the wooden mould of the shoe whilst respecting the proportions as they were intended in the sketch design.

Before finishing, a prototype is created upon which Fabrizio decides to approve and put into production.

At Fabrizio Viti, we believe in protecting traditional skills by championing the artisanal shoe manufacturing processes. From the first meeting with the formista down to the last meeting with the modelista, these are all craftsmen and artisans that we respect and cherish and with which Fabrizio has maintained a relationship with for over 25 years.

Slow Luxury,
a Responsible Guarantee

We care deeply about the quality and continue to think about ways to reduce the output of carbon footprint when creating our pieces. We look at ways to honor a specific lifestyle based on choosing well and buying less.

Our Responsible Guarantee policy will offer restorations and repairs to any of our shoes free of charge, whether they have been purchased via our e-commerce website or our global stockists.

Customers can contact us directly via where the team will review each case and present you with ways to restore the shoes in the way it was intended to look and feel, and ensure a longer lifetime.

Made in Italy

We are deeply committed to local production by our skilled craftsmen. Every component used for our shoes is sourced in Italy and are crafted from the finest and most exceptional Italian fabrics, from regions renowned for artisanal shoe-making.

Each of our shoes is handcrafted by our skilled artisanal team of which we are proud to say is comprised of 70% women.

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